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Keisha Harris

My son was born with a birth defect called Hypospadias. This only happens in boys, in which the opening of the urethra is not located at the tip of the penis. With this I wasn’t able to get him circumcised without him having a surgery. (They started the circumcision, that’s how they found he had it, but couldn’t finish it) So I took him to church , and had my pastor, and church family pray for him knowing that Jesus is a healer. I took him to his follow up appointment so I can meet with the surgeon and schedule his surgery, but when they checked him they couldn’t find the defect, and his circumcision was completely done and healed. The doctor was amazed as to how this could happen. God is truly a healer.

Needed a walker to get around

Pastor Philip Whiteside prayed for me and I was able to put my walker down and dance before the lord. All the pain and weakness was gone. God supernaturally strengthen my legs and I no longer needed to use the walker.

Mother Brown

issue of blood

Came to PGT, Pastor laid hands upon me on Sunday afternoon. Condition dried up and manifested on Tuesday morning. The doctor postponed surgery (hysterectomy) for a later date.

Tina Oveida

broken shoulder

My shoulder broke at the humorous and it shifted out of place. Then Pastor prayed and my shoulder got better faster than the doctor said it would.

Amir Williams

shortness of breath

I could not walk a city block without shortness of breath. I came to PGT one Sunday and I received prayer and was healed, instantly. I walked from 19th market to the Art Museum, more than 6 blocks. I have not had that condition again. God is my healer. Thank God for the prayer of healing from Pastor Whiteside.

Jeanette Collins-Welzcher

Shoulder pain

I’ve been feeling pain and discomfort in my right shoulder-rotater cup for several months – especially when I lifted something with weight to it. Pastor Phil prayed for me. It felt like Ben-gay was rubbed on my shoulder and upper arm when he was praying for me. I now have no pain

Joanne Jarrell

Broken, split toe

I had a broken toe split in the middle. I needed a pin to reconnect the bone. It was broke for a week before pastor prayed and then once he prayed within two days the bone reconnected without any pins or surgery.

Kionne Grant


My mother was in the middle of having a stroke. I called Pastor Philip Whiteside and after he finish praying for my mother ,instantly the stroke stop. The doctor said that the stroke pulled itself back and its gone. My mother was able to go home healed.

Roberta Reed

torn cornea

My Daughter Azzie bust a tide soap powder packet in her eyes. She got a torn cornea but after pastor prayed her eye was healed. When she went back for a check up the doctor was in disbelief that her eyes was healed already without any sign of damages or scar.


short arm

I had an arm shorter then the other. The Pastor prayed for my arm to grow out and my arm grew the same length as the other right before everyone eyes. It was amazing.

Larita Whiteside

weight gain

Pastor prayed for supernatural weight loss and two days later I lost about 10 pounds

Eugenia Harris


I was healed from cancer after the Pastor Prayed for me


fuse ankle

I visit pastor Whiteside church and he prayed for me instantly my ankle felt better. My ankle has been causing me pain since 2004. The doctor told me that my ankle was partially fused. Because of this I was unable to bend and twist my foot. After pastor pray for me I was able to move my foot and ankle. It was such a blessing for me. I really like this church and I plan to come back.

Ahsakia Jones